Advanced Ultrasound in Diagnosis and Therapy ›› 2018, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (2): 119-122.doi: 10.37015/AUDT.2018.180809

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Use of Transperineal Sonography to Diagnose Vaginal Abnormalities

Yan Wang, PhDa,*(), Zan Sun, PhDb, Na Li, MDa, Xin Liao, MDa, Xiaolu Liang, MDa   

  1. a Department of Ultrasound, Shenyang Children’s Hospital, Shenyang, China
    b Laboratory Medicine, The people’s Hospital of Liaoning Province and The People’s Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang, China
  • Received:2017-12-21 Online:2018-08-18 Published:2018-08-19
  • Contact: Yan Wang, PhD,


Objective: Vagina illness is common in young girls recently. Transperineal ultrasonography is not commonly used in evaluation of vagina illness. Here we report the use of the mechanical properties of color Doppler ultrasonography to further characterize vagina illness.
Methods: Eighty patients who came to Shenyang Children Hospital with vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, vulva redness and swelling were evaluated with transperineal ultrasonography and four typically cases were chosed which had tumor, vagina foreign body, vaginitis and imperforate hymen. Color Doppler ultrasonography was applied to these abnormities.
Results: When transperineal ultrasonography was applied to these abnormities, the tumor had the sign of occupying lesion and sparse color flow. Vagina foreign body showed high-echo strip object or moniliform in vagina accompany with vaginal dropsy. A 15-ays neonate girl with hydrocolpocele was diagnosed imperforate hymen later.
Conclusion: Transperineal ultrasonography can be used to enhance the diagnosis of vagina illness in young girls.

Key words: Perineum; Ultrasonography; Girls; Vagina; Abnormality